A few products and resources for picky eaters that I’ve been loving lately:


Foublie on Instagram

Foublie shares easy and inventive cooking projects for kids plus a ton of fun “food play” ideas like bell pepper paint stamps and building fruit structures with toothpicks.


Noshi Edible Food Paint

Noshi Edible Food Paint is just what it sounds like. Just check out their instagram page to see how much fun kids have with these edible food paints. Most ingredients are organic and the “paints” are made naturally from foods. Think beets, blueberries and peaches. I love them for sensory food play and encouraging kids to interact – and even taste – new foods.

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vegetable board book.jpg

Beautiful fruit and vegetable board books for very little ones

I buy these fruit and veggie board books as baby gifts every chance I get. They’re beautifully illustrated and a fun way to introduce you and baby to new fruits and veggies. There’s one for every letter of the alphabet!

fun plate for picky eaters.jpg

Construction-themed Separated Plate

I shared this construction plate for kids on Instagram recently and got a ton of questions about the plate. It’s available on amazon. While I typically recommend a plain plate (we want food to be the most interesting thing on the table), if this would be welcome at your mealtimes, I think it’s a worthwhile addition.

liquid vitamin d for kids.jpg

My Spectrum Heroes

My Spectrum Heroes is a collection of vitamins created specifically for kids with autism and ADHD. I’ve been loving their liquid omega 3 and vitamin D, which are easy to get down (the omega 3 is mango-flavored and the vitamin D is flavorless) and also their powdered fiber and probiotic supplements. Use code Jenny10 for 10% off.

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