Hi! I’m Jenny, a picky eating specialist who works with parents and kids.

I’m also a pediatric registered dietitian, author and mom of two.

I’m here to show you how to help your child comfortably and confidently try new foods so you can do all the things you want for your family without the question of “but what will they eat” holding you back.

To say that food is a huge part of your life is an understatement. Your kid eats three times a day at a minimum and between all of the lunchboxes and dinner planning, it’s probably all you’re thinking about.

I know that you just want to be a good parent. You want what’s best for your kid. And you’re just so desperate.

Why is this the one thing you can’t figure out?

Listen, it’s not easy. And it’s not your fault.

Your child can learn to eat a greater variety of food. You can start to feel better — even good — about your child’s eating.

My Story

While in graduate school I taught nutrition education and cooking to elementary school students. Most kids I met loved our experiments and getting involved in the kitchen. But there was a cohort of children who shied away from these activities. They weren’t disinterested; something held them back from comfortably engaging with the new foods they encountered.

Of course, it was amazing to see the kids who engaged with new foods without a second thought — this is exactly what I hoped would happen!

Yet it was the kids who couldn’t do this who caught my eye.

Fast forward several years: I began working with autistic children (aka notoriously “picky eaters”) and I realized that something below the surface was interfering with their eating and even interacting with new foods.

None of the typical picky eating hacks worked for them.

So I tried something different.

And even the most extreme cases made progress.

After years of training and experience, I now work with all families and kids who experience serious feeding challenges like extreme cases of picky eating, eating anxiety, pediatric feeding disorder (PFD), avoidant eating (ARFID), and severe food aversions.

My goal is to help kids gain trust around food and confidence with their eating so they can build a long term positive relationship with food.

My Approach

My goal is to help develop your child’s comfort with food, leading to them wanting to try new foods all on their own.

Using a child-led, responsive approach, I get to the root of your child’s food fears and create an individualized plan that works for you, your child and your family.

I work with toddlers and teens and all the years in between.


A little about me

  • I have two kiddos, two nephews, and one adorable niece, so I know a thing or two about feeding kids — the good, the bad, and the infuriating!
  • Food is my love language. I spend way too much time making dinner, packing lunches, and saving recipes I have every intention of making.
  • Before going into nutrition, I planned to be a writer (which is part of why I can’t seem to give up this blog!). Though it wasn’t through the path I imagined, I feel so fortunate to have accomplished a major life goal of publishing a book. Stories of Extreme Picky Eating is a true labor of love about my work with kids who struggle to eat.
  • I’ve worked with over 100 families to ease their child’s eating struggles and have helped kids: eat lunch they’re not embarrassed about, go to sleep away camp, feel comfortable eating in restaurants, take dream vacations with their families, get back on their growth curves….and more.
  • In a past life I ran marathons and miles through Central Park, volunteered and lived on a farm in Argentina, did cooking demos at farmers markets, sold goat cheese, and grew an edible garden on my balcony in NYC.
  • Now I live in Philadelphia with my amazing husband and two wonderful sons.

Questions? My inbox is always open. You can email me at hello@feedingpickyeaters.com.

Curious about what working together looks like?

You can explore my 1:1 coaching services or my signature program for toddlers and big kids.


  • Registered dietitian nutritionist
  • Masters of Science in Nutrition and Public Health, Columbia University
  • Bachelor of Arts, McGill University
  • Additional training includes: responsive feeding therapy, the SOS approach to feeding