“My child has tried more foods in the past 2 weeks than she has in the last 6 months!”

The other day she said, “I want to try celery”

Eating With Ease is the 6-week course that gives you the tools you need to leave mealtime anxiety behind.

It shows step-by-step how to help children ages 2 and 10 get comfortable eating a variety of ‘real’ food.

Ready for the plan to help your extreme picky eater to try new foods, eat more variety and make mealtimes more enjoyable?

Real talk…

Your child’s severely limited diet is a daily struggle.

You want them to eat new foods… but they’re too anxious or fearful to try (or even have them on their plate).

You heard they’d outgrow it… but they haven’t, and it’s only getting harder as they get older.

Maybe they refuse to eat foods because of texture…

Maybe they’ve even stopped eating their favorite foods…

Seriously, you’d LOVE for them to eat ‘real food’ (even ‘kid food’ like pizza would be AMAZING)…instead of snacks, snacks & more snacks!

You’ve tried everything (and I mean everything!)

  • Pressuring and pretending not to care…
  • Food play….
  • Bribing and sticker charts
  • Family meals…
  • Hiding foods…
  • Waiting until they’re “hungry enough”…
  • Books, specialists, online courses, feeding therapy…
Honestly, you’d be over the moon if your child would eat regular ‘bad’ kid food!

You hoped it was a phase, but you’re still:

Stocking up on ‘their food’ (and hoping their brand is available)
Telling the other mom what your child eats when they go to a friend’s house
Packing your child’s safe foods to take to a birthday party
Cooking multiple meals so everyone in the family eats dinner
Sometimes you wonder,
“how did it even get to this point?”

If that’s you, you’re invited to

Eating with Ease

The 6-week program to help extreme picky eaters

Your child can eat normally! This course has helped 200+ extreme picky eaters, and it can help your child too.

In the program you’ll get the tools you need to help your child overcome picky eating and learn to enjoy a variety of food.

This is the complete plan to help your picky eater eat with ease!

Join now and get 6 weeks of coaching, training & support:

  • Access to the Eating With Ease training with bite-sized videos that
    you can watch on your own schedule

               Value: $1700

  • Online community for real-time discussions, advice and encouragement
    from other parents of picky eaters

    Value: $150
  • Resource Vault with invaluable downloads — everything from recipe recommendations, to fun games that get your kiddo trying new food!          Value: $700
  • Recorded interviews with parenting experts to help with struggles                   Value: $300
    like boundaries and meltdowns       
  • Step-by-step printable playbook with all the resources you need to resolve picky eating (yours to keep forever!)

    Value: $800

  • Expert support on four live calls and daily in your online community                   Value:$700

Seriously, it works:

My sons tried carrot!!! Omg. …this is the first veg either has tried in 7-9 years. Real progress. So pumped.
My son has always been very particular about his graham crackers. The other day I bought a different brand.
At first he wasn’t having it and then he ate the graham cracker. YESSS.
My one twin just willingly asked for a piece of pizza WITH cheese on it (usually peels everything off) & tried a tiny bite of pepperoni
Want your child to try new food and eat more variety?

Most families notice a difference from the very first module!

Simple, No-Pressure Strategies

Get techniques experts use and love to get your child on track to trying new foods without tears or tantrums

Unlimited Support

Ask questions (even the crazy specific and weird ones!) in our community and get expert support from a Registered Dietitian for the duration of the course

Playbook for Picky Eaters

Basically an expert in your pocket with the step-by-step plan to resolve picky eating & all of the bumps you encounter, whether you’re feeding a fickle toddler or stubborn seven-year-old

You get 6 modules with step-by-step guidance for your picky eater

Module 1


Meals start feeling better right away with the right approach. This will be a refreshing change for the whole family!


  • How to set the tone so your child feels comfortable eating
  • Clear and simple ‘do this, not that’ guidance
  • Low-pressure strategies that really work (and feel good for both you and your kiddo!)
Module 2


Create a supportive environment so your child is eats better and is more open to trying new foods.


  • Learn four ingredients for successful and enjoyable mealtimes
  • Help your kiddo eat more by knowing what to serve and how to serve it
  • Simple ways to get your child on board so they feel less anxious and can eat better
Module 3

New Foods

Pick the best foods and learn how to introduce them so your child actually eats – even if they can feel stressed, anxious or fearful around new food.


  • The foolproof plan for introducing new food
  • Increase their acceptance level and comfort with new food
  • How to select the right new foods for the best success
    Module 4


    This is a key step for any child who won’t eat anything except “their food” — their favorite brand, cooked *just right* and the like.


    • See how to create variety, even with a limited diet
    • Increase your child’s “safe food” list (and prevent them from dropping more foods!)
    • Simple ways to introduce more variety so your kiddo still feels comfortable enough to eat
      Module 5

      Tasting + Eating

      Now we build on what we’ve learned about introducing new foods to get your kiddo actually eating and adding to their diet!


      • Fun ways to get your child trying more foods than ever before (yes, even broccoli!)
      • Rebuild your child’s trust and relationship with food so they shed their hesitations and anxieties, and start enjoying food
      • See how to use everyday activities to move your child closer to eating
      Module 6

      Diet Expansion

      Learn the trade secrets for getting tastes to become foods your child *actually* eats. You’ll also see how to how to get back on track with common picky eating roadblocks like food refusal (and more!).


      • How to move from tasting to eating
      • How to encourage eating if they won’t take a single bite
      • What to do if your child starts rejecting preferred foods

      Join now & get the plan to help your child Eat With Ease!

      “Our daughter is now choosing to try new foods completely unprompted!”

      Working with Jenny has been so helpful to our family.


      Our eight-year-old felt anxious about trying new foods. We were concerned that her list of foods was getting smaller, and that she wasn’t getting the nourishment she needed.


      Jenny’s Eating with Ease program is thorough. The videos are short, which I find convenient as a busy parent.


      The opportunity to talk to Jenny about our concerns and wins in a small group setting is helpful because I get suggestions that are relevant to my child and where she is now.


      Being the parent of a selective eater has felt isolating at times. Hearing about other parents’ challenges and wins has been so encouraging and validating.


      Our daughter is now choosing to try new foods completely unprompted.


      I am deeply grateful to Jenny for her support in this journey.

      Johanna, mom of an 8 year old

      You get tons of support in Eating With Ease!

      “The live calls are our favorite part of the program. It’s so great having Jenny as a guide and sounding board so we don’t second guess our decisions.”

      —Danielle, mom of a 5 year old

      Get direct personal feedback during our video calls! They’re interactive and fun:

      Private Community

      A safe space where you can connect with other parents who know what it’s like to have a child who struggles to eat and get immediate feedback from them and your coaches – whether you’re recovering from a messy mealtime or looking for new snack ideas

      Live Calls

      Get weekly support and feedback during our live calls. As you progress through the program you’ll get help for where your child is now, and know what to do next!

      Dedicated Eating Expert

      Your coach – a registered dietitian and mom herself – brings you 10 years of professional and personal experience so you can trust that you’ll be in good hands

      Join Eating With Ease and get expert support to make real progress with your picky eater!

      Plus, join now and get access to

      The Bonus Bank!

      Break free from your child’s limited “safe foods” list with bonuses that get them eating more food, faster.

      Resource Bank

      New food introduction guide

      Every strategy under the sun to get your child tasting over 40 different foods

      Nutrition tools for kids

      Know how to talk to your child about nutrition so they understand (really!)

      Food exploring strategies

      Make food fun with hands-on ways to have your child interact with food


      Kids have a blast (and let their guard down!) with these board games

      Meal planning guide

      Make one meal the whole family will eat!

      The Building Food Bridges Mini Course

      A masterclass teaching you a step-by-step strategy that uses your child’s favorite foods to introduce new ones.

      • Identify your child’s food preferences and use them to your advantage
      • Make a plan for introducing the new foods your child is most likely to eat and enjoy
      • Learn how to build a food bridge in 5 simple steps
      • Take things to the next level with your exclusive 12-page guide and workbook
      • Follow over 40 examples so you can make your own successful bridges

      … and more!

      Let’s face it, eating happens multiple times a day. Join now and get relief from the daily stress.

      What parents say about Eating With Ease

      “Do it… I wish I knew about this sooner”

      Everybody’s like, Oh, your child will eat when she’s hungry. But she won’t.

      She will actually starve herself because I’ve seen her do it.

      We came home from a weekend trip where she didn’t eat and I cried in the closet for 40 minutes.

      All the tricks that everybody says to do just don’t work.

      I felt so alone and hopeless — and the program changed all that.

      Eating With Ease saved me.

      We’ve had some wins. We’ve had big steps for us.

      Her trying behavior has changed. She doesn’t cry anymore… and can tolerate new things around her.

      I would tell past me, “do this right away.”

      Do it… I wish I knew about it sooner.

      “My girls look forward to every night now”

      Eating with Ease was really helpful because it gave me a full guide week-by-week of what I needed to focus on.

      I’m not scrambling to search for new solutions now. I have the solution, I have the plan. It’s just a matter of committing to it and being consistent.

      My daughter has licked new foods, touched new foods, and been more curious about the foods that I’m putting on the table that she’s never once been open to exploring before.

      I’ve helped over 300+ picky eaters!

      I’m here to support your child and you.

      Hi! I’m Jenny Friedman, MS RD
      Founder of Eating With Ease

      Leading extreme picky eating expert, dietitian, author, mom – your coach!

      Known for her playful and approachable style, Jenny has helped dozens of children learn to confidently eat new foods and expand their diets. Jenny helps parents understand their child’s eating challenges so they can have better mealtimes and know their kids are getting the nutrition they need to thrive.

      She is the author of Stories of Extreme Picky Eating: Children with Severe Food Aversions and the Solutions that Helped Them and is on the board of medical reviewers for whattoexpect.com.

      I can’t wait to help your family in Eating with Ease!

      Eating With Ease helps kids make real progress:

      Zac tried a cheese quesadilla AND french fries this week. He’s been offered these food for a long time, but this week he ate them both!
      Alexander started eating 2 food he previously eliminated!
      Thea has been relaxed at meal times with the extended family during the winter break. It’s been great!

      We went to a restaurant and she ordered a quesadilla and ate with confidence 🙂

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long will I have access to the program?

      The Eating with Ease Program is a 6-week intensive bootcamp-style program. You have access to the program materials for 6 weeks, from May 1 2023-June 11, 2023.

      What if I’m not done or want more support after 6 weeks?
      If, after the 6-week program, you need more time with the course, want live coaching or are looking for continued accountability, you will be invited to join our Inner Circle community.
      The Inner Circle is the next level of support for Eating with Ease graduates. In the Inner Circle you will receive everything from Eating with Ease as well as weekly live group coaching sessions and opportunities for your child to participate in coaching.
      What can I expect to get out of the program?
      Eating with Ease gives you the plan for helping your child try new foods and expand their diet. You can expect to begin building a foundation to positively impact your child’s eating and get started on making changes.
      What do I need to do to be successful in the program?
      Successful participants are optimistic, complete the weekly modules, attend our live Q&A, and participate in the group forum.
      The most successful participants also join the Inner Circle for ongoing support.
      How old should my child be?

      This program is designed for children 2 to 10 years.

      Is Eating with Ease appropriate for children with a diagnosis of autism or sensory processing difficulties?
      Eating with Ease addresses extreme food aversions. While not designed specifically for these populations, the approach is appropriate for the type of eating struggles that kids with autism or sensory processing disorders experience.
      Please note that children with special needs often need professional assessment and support. The Eating with Ease Program can be a great addition to support from individual therapists but does not provide personalized medical care.
      Will my child be eating new foods by the time the program is over?
      Eating with Ease provides you with a plan for helping your child try new foods and expand their diet.Your child’s progress in and after the program will depend on a number of factors.
      Many children do try new foods as parents begin implementing changes at home over the six-week program, however, our expectation is that diet expansion occurs over many months, not just six weeks.
      What changes can I expect?
      The changes you see throughout your time in the Eating with Ease program depend on what you implement. Parents who follow the program and begin making changes from the first two modules report more relaxed and enjoyable mealtimes and say they feel less stressed about their child’s eating.
      How is Eating with Ease different from other picky eating programs and courses?
      The Eating with Ease Program is designed for parents of very selective eaters on the severe or extreme end of the picky eating spectrum. You might describe them as a problem eater, food phobic, fearful, anxious, avoidant, or averse.
      Unlike many other picky eating programs, Eating with Ease uses a responsive child-led approach to address your child’s barriers to trying new foods. The approach considers the root cause of eating struggles and respects a child’s comfort level while helping them to move forward at their own pace.
      Eating with Ease also focuses on you, the parent, and sets you up to make progress in a realistic and manageable way.

      Every parent says “I wish I’d joined sooner!”

      Parents often ask things like, “I tried feeding therapy but it didn’t work. What makes this different?”

      See, eating happens in your home – not in a therapist’s office. The things covered during sessions often don’t translate to real life. (As you might’ve already experienced 😉 )

      Eating With Ease gives you the tools to help your child eat in your own home.

      You’ll create an ‘eating environment’ where your child feels safe to try new food.

      Not only do you get every extreme picky eating strategy, you also get personalized advice that will specifically help your child.

      Eating With Ease has helped families:

      • Finally take their dream vacation in Disney World
      • Leave the house without bringing ‘their’ food
      • Go out for dinner where their child ate real food!

      “The impact on day-to-day living has been profound.”

      Before we joined Eating With Ease we were at a crossroads. I’d read every book on extreme picky eating that has ever been written.


      I tried so many things over the years. We’d seen a lot of therapists and specialists.


      But they never even scratched the surface.


      What’s different about Eating with Ease is the personal connection and accountability.


      Jenny has treated kids with these issues. She KNOWS these kids.


      Eating with Ease is based on experience, success, and reality – and it’s really great. The impact on day-to-day living has been profound.

      Victoria, mom of a 5, 8, and 11 year old

      Other families love Eating With Ease…

      You want to…

      Send your child to birthday parties, sleepaway camp & friends’ houses – without food getting in the way.

      Look forward to family dinners, instead of feeling like they’re always a battle.

      Cook 1 meal everyone in the family will eat.

      Stop feeling embarrassed or guilty when your child eats with other people.

      Know they get the proper nutrition they need to grow, instead of surviving on snacks.

      Help your child get over this for good, and avoid the shame, social isolation, and health problems that adult picky eaters face.

      Extreme picky eaters don’t grow out of it on their own

      If you want to make real progress, you need to do something different.

      Eating With Ease has a long-standing track record of success, and it will help your child too.

      Resolving picky eating is “life-changing” for your child, yourself, and your whole family.

      Join me, and get the clear steps to help your child overcome picky eating.

      This is the complete plan to help your picky eater eat with ease!

      Join now and get 6 weeks of coaching, training & support:

      • Access to the Eating With Ease training with bite-sized videos that
        you can watch on your own schedule

                   Value: $1700

      • Online community for real-time discussions, advice and encouragement
        from other parents of picky eaters

        Value: $150
      • Resource Vault with invaluable downloads — everything from recipe recommendations, to fun games that get your kiddo trying new food!          Value: $700
      • Recorded interviews with parenting experts to help with struggles                   Value: $300
        like boundaries and meltdowns       
      • Step-by-step printable playbook with all the resources you need to resolve picky eating (yours to keep forever!)

        Value: $800

      • Expert support on four live calls and daily in your online community                   Value:$700

      Have a question?

      Chat with us!