This is where parents of super picky eaters finally find relief

I teach parents of super picky eaters how to make their kids comfortable trying new foods. Yes, even broccoli.

Are you ready to stop worrying about your child’s eating, enjoy mealtimes with your family (yes, you can all eat the same thing!), and finally watch your child try new foods without fear or hesitation?

Here’s how:

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Empowered Eater is a 6-month signature 1:1 coaching program for families needing a personalized approach. This high-touch program is designed to help your child overcome their food fears and make lasting change with their eating. 


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In Stories of Extreme Picky Eating, you’ll meet real kids struggling with serious food aversions. With kid-friendly activities and a simple intervention plan, you’ll learn strategies that can get your child on the path to enjoying a more diverse, nutritious diet.

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Desperate for your extreme picky eater to finally try new foods? If yes, dive on in! You’ll learn a new way to think about eating that will blow your mind (and completely transform how you feed your child) plus an incredibly simple method to help your child eat better — no matter how picky they are.


Ready for a clear plan to end your child’s extreme picky eating?

Whether your child has always been picky or this is something new,

This step-by-step process helps your child get comfortable eating a variety of ‘real food’

(without pressure, tears or tantrums!)

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[My daughter] is SO much more willing to try now. It’s like a switch flipped and she realized it’s not scary anymore!!! I am completely happy with her progress. It’s like night and day. You’ve helped tremendously. 


Before [working with you] he wouldn’t even touch something new. I love that you’re not making him try things he can’t handle. You’re making it doable for him. He’s really comfortable now with new brands and new presentations. I’m so happy that he’s finally trying more.