The other day he said “I want to try celery.” It was nuts! At first he smelled it and maybe licked it. And the next time, we had a family crunch contest and he tried the whole thing! Only because of you did we do that.
Rachel, mom of 5 year old
My daughter has made so many strides with Eating with Ease. Instead of avoiding new foods, she has confidence and a relaxed attitude and she’s tried so many new foods. Seeing freedom and independence for her is just amazing. Jenny is incredible and Eating with Ease is worth its weight in gold.
Angie, mom to a 3 year old
[My daughter] has tried more foods in the past 2 weeks than she has in the past 6 months!
Anna, mom to a 7 year old
Before working with Jenny, I was freaking out because my son wouldn’t have a grilled cheese out and now he will eat multiple types of grilled cheese and multiple types of quesadillas.
Caroline, mom to a 5 year old
My son ate 2 different kinds of waffles! I cannot believe it. I’m just in awe. We’ve been in feeding therapy for my son for years and Eating with Ease is unlike anything else I have ever come across. The program provides tools that I’ve never had before and they’re helping so much.
Michele, mom to a 6 year old
He ate broccoli!! We have learned so so much from you and our sanity is thankful for it. You have taught me to accept my child for who he is, and I know he is going to move at his own pace. You are not only a dietitian but a therapist and a coach! Our family is much happier than we were [before working with you] and now I know my son can do it!!
Rebecca, mom to a 7 year old
[My daughter’s] time with you has had some really important impacts… She’s been totally amazing about trying things and actually eating them (instead of having just a single bite and in some cases only a lick, if anything).
Nikki, mom to a 13 year old
Eating with Ease was an invaluable investment for my family. I am a better mom and wife because I no longer feel the guilt and anxiety about my child’s well being…. You’ll be amazed at where you and your child are at the end of the program versus where you’ve started.
Katie, mom to a 3 year old
I just want to express my gratitude for you and for all the awesome mommies that I had the privilege of knowing in the program. For a long time I felt so alone with [my son’s] feeding journey. I had no idea that so many other parents also struggled with this. I feel so hopeful about our future. Words cannot express how thankful I am.
Melissa, mom to a 5 year old
In the Eating with Ease program, you will meet other parents who are actually in the same boat, not those who think they are! You will get focused, kind, comprehensive advice and planning – and not the kind of plans where you are advised to starve your child to encourage them to eat! (Which we have had in the past). Jenny is so warm, so clear and so experienced. She’s like a warm hug: she is clear, engaging and without any judgement. She encourages us to meet our children where they ARE, and make changes from the place we are. No more wishing things were different or “if only…”. This is about saying, “Ok, we are here. Let’s move forward.”
Katie, mom to a 12 year old
Before [working with you] he wouldn’t even touch something new. I love that you’re not making him try things he can’t handle. You’re making it doable for him. He’s really comfortable now with new brands and new presentations. I’m so happy that he’s finally trying more and we’re adding new foods all the time.
Meghan, mom to a 2.5 year old
[My daughter] is SO much more willing to try [new foods] now. It’s like a switch flipped and she realized it’s not scary anymore!!! I am completely happy with her progress. It’s like night and day. You’ve helped tremendously.
Julie, mom to a 9 year old
My sons tried carrot!!! Omg. …this is the first vegetable either has tried in 7-9 years. Real progress. So pumped.
Lauren, mom to a 7 and 12 year old