It’s about time you and your child start feeling good about mealtime. Really good.

Why is picky eating the one thing you can’t figure out?

You’ve been told “it’s no big deal” that your child’s just a picky eater because they’re growing as they should. Don’t worry, they said, they’ll outgrow it eventually.

Well, time has passed and things aren’t getting any better. Maybe they’re worse.

Your child:


  • Drops foods and rarely adds new ones
  • Has anxiety or fear around foods and trying new things
  • Can’t share family meals
  • Has worked with professionals with little to no change
  • Can’t eat with their friends or go on overnight trips


  • Dread meal times – they’re the worst part of your day
  • Worry your child isn’t getting enough nutrients
  • Fear they’re going to feel embarrassed or start being left out
  • Design your life around their eating
  • Avoid any events or trips that involve meals because it’s just so hard

The truth is:

This is not your fault. And change is very possible for you and your child.

Even if you think you’ve tried everything (and you probably have!) there is still hope for you and your picky eater.

Empowered Eater is designed for children like yours who have struggled with picky eating for years and for parents like you who have worked hard to help, but don’t know what to do next.

It’s for families who are ready to get relief from the food fears and restrictions that have been holding you back for so long.

Here’s are some of the things Empowered Eater has helped families and kids do:

  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Take dream family vacations to Europe
  • Order takeout as a family, no French fries required
  • Go on overnight school trips and sports tournaments without packing “their food”
  • Attend sleepover camp worry-free

I felt blocked. I felt powerless. My daughter was telling me ‘I don’t like this’ and I felt like I was hitting a wall.
Now I feel more relaxed and empowered because I have strategies and answers for the challenges.
The fact that I had a person like Jenny helping me make decisions just helped me so much.
We are at a point now where we can manage indefinitely. My daughter can eat at restaurants, eat at friends’ houses, and she has a variety of foods to eat.

Marina, mom to 5-year-old

Hi, I’m Jenny!

I’m a picky eating specialist. I’m also a pediatric registered dietitian, author and mom of two.

I’ve worked with over 100 families to ease their child’s eating struggles, helping kids become more confident and comfortable in their relationship with food.

So I know your child can learn to eat a greater variety of food.
And I know you can start to feel better about your child’s eating.

I created Empowered Eater because I know that what works for younger kids, doesn’t work for older kids. The standard tips and tricks just aren’t going to work for kids with greater fear and aversion to food.

I also know that a custom plan to address your family’s specific needs is what it takes to see real and lasting results.

Stuff that I’ve gotten from Jenny is different from anyone else. She gets these kids and has figured out how to talk to them.

Katie, mom to 7 year old

The Fun with Food sessions are fun because we get to be silly with our food. And I like that Jenny says cookies are okay!

Caleb, 4.5 years old

Are you ready to do all the things you want to do without having to worry about your picky eater?

What you’ll get:

  • 2-hour kickoff session (video) to create your customized plan
  • 10 biweekly 45-minute calls with you and/or your child
  • Detailed recap after each session
  • Personalized folder for convenient access to all tools, resources and progress updates
  • Virtual mealtime audit
  • Email or voice message support between sessions
  • BONUS #1: Access to Eating with Ease Program
  • BONUS #2: Access to Building Food Bridges training

Plus you’ll get so much more:

  • Less fighting and negotiating. Your dinner table is not meant to be a battleground!
  • Meals you can all enjoy together. Because eating should be fun!
  • So much time saved in the kitchen. You don’t have to make multiple meals!
  • Less anxiety and fear for your child. More confidence and ease!
  • No more saying no. Take that trip, go out with friends!
  • Less parent guilt. You are a good parent and now you’ll feel like one!
  • A true partner and cheerleader for your success. I love working with kids so I’m all in on seeing them succeed!
  • A good dose of fun. This can be heavy work sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to laugh while we do it!

Jenny is always so positive. She always looked for the good things to draw out. Even on the weeks there it was hard to find things to compliment my daughter on, Jenny was still always positive and tried to find the good as much as she could.

Amy, mom to 11-year-old

Let’s talk investment

Choose the payment plan that works best for you.

Pay in installments

1 payment of $1995 USD
and 5 payments of $800 USD

Pay in full

One-time payment of
$5995 USD

Let’s bring joy back to eating.

Here’s what you won’t get:

  • A generic plan that doesn’t account for your child’s unique eating experience
  • Tools and resources that you are left to use on your own without feedback
  • A coach who isn’t available when you have a question or need reassurance because things feel tough
  • A quick fix – this work can feel hard and there’s no magic wand, but a comprehensive plan will get you on the path to change

All Your Questions Answered

When is the right time for me to sign up?

Probably last year! I’m joking, but the truth is: most parents tell me they wish they didn’t wait so long to get help.

Jokes aside, you are ready if you:

  • Have the time and capacity to meet with an expert 2-4 times a month
  • Are open to working and making changes to see real progress
  • Know your child is ready, especially if your child is working with me directly (it’s important that they’re open to meeting with me on calls!)
  • Believe with the right support that change is possible for your child
Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Of course. You can either pay with a single payment of $5995 or submit an initial payment of $1995 plus five remaining monthly payments of $800. The investment is the same no matter which option you choose.

Does my child have to attend the coaching calls?

No! Each family finds their unique groove when it comes to who attends coaching calls and each family has unique needs. Depending on your child and their needs, personality and age, I may recommend they attend at least some of the calls. Some families prefer that I work exclusively with the adults and that can be totally okay. Your child’s involvement is something we can discuss together in your Curiosity Call.

Is Empowered Eater for kids with ARFID?

Yes! This program was designed for kids on the extreme end of the picky eating spectrum, which may mean an ARFID diagnosis or symptoms like: eating very few foods, restricting entire food groups, and eating challenges interfering with your child’s daily and social life.

What age kids do you help in Empowered Eater?

Empowered Eater is great for kids 5 and up and works particularly well for kids 10 and older.

Do you work with kids who have ADD/ADHD and/or autism?

Yes! I actually got my start working with kids who have autism, so it’s totally within my comfort zone. My coaching approach is completely tailored to you/your child and your specific needs.

Why is this not a group program?

Group programs are AMAZING. But they’re not right for every family or child who struggles to eat. Some families need more intensive coaching and/or a customized approach to see the change with their child’s eating that they crave. That’s why I created Empowered Eater. If you’re interested in a group experience, please check out Eating with Ease. (P.S. Eating with Ease is actually provided as a bonus to all Empowered Eater clients.)

How is Empowered Eater different from Eating with Ease?

Empowered Eater is your chance for you and your child to work directly with an expert to create an eating improvement plan that is unique to your child and family. It’s designed for the kids who never outgrew their eating struggles and don’t want food fears to hold them back from living their life. If your child has food fears and is open to working with a (totally fun approachable) professional to have an easier time with their eating, Empowered Eater is the right program for you.

Eating with Ease is a great fit for families of kids seven-years-old and younger who are at the beginning stages of eating interventions for their child. While it does include one coaching session for kids, it is primarily a program for parents of picky eaters. It gives parents the tools and plan to work on their child’s eating on their own.

When is enrollment open?

I accept a limited number of clients each month. When you’re interested in getting started, please schedule your curiosity call with me. Note that spots often fill months ahead of time.

What if I don’t see any results or want a refund?

Progress looks different for every family so my number one priority is that you feel supported during our time together and gain the tools you need to make changes and feel better about your child’s eating.

I do not offer refunds.

When we started it felt like we were heading down a really scary path and now we’re safe again. It was a low spot of desperation.
And now she’s more open to being around other food. She takes tastes of things all the time and is more interested in foods.

Diana, mom to 8-year-old

So here’s how it works

Let’s Connect

We will talk to make sure Empowered Eater is right for your family. If yes, I’ll ask for your autograph and we’ll book your Kickoff Call.

Get Started

We’ll design your initial plan and I’ll introduce you to all the tools and resources you’ll need to be successful during our time together.

We Meet

45-minute bi-weekly meetings with you and your child. During these calls we see what’s working, what’s challenging us and we adjust the plan. As your child grows, we add on to the plan to grow with them.


Good things are coming and as they do we’ll be ready to celebrate all the wins, big and small!

My daughter is not nearly as anxious about eating food. She isn’t as stressed about eating new things. She is confident that she can try a new food if she wants to.

Jenny helped her understand that she can eat foods even if she doesn’t love love love them.

Katie, mom to 12-year-old