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I’m sharing a roundup of my favorite picky eating resources for kids. These tools will help you stay busy when practicing social distancing during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic while also helping to improve your child’s relationship with food.

The Best Toys and Activities for Picky Eaters

The Best Kids’ Books About Picky Eating

To help kids understand that they’re not alone and that they can learn to love new foods.

10 Best Buys to Improve Picky Eating (and keep your kids entertained!)

Fun activities and tools that get to the root of picky eating and make eating more fun.

7 Picky Eating Tools Under $10 That Parents Are Obsessed With

Parents’ favorite picky eating tools that kids love and that make eating easier.

The Best Toys for Picky Eaters

Fun food-related toys and gifts for kids.

Toys to Help a Picky Eater Love Food

Hands-on creative toys that stimulate the sensory system and make food more approachable for severe picky eaters.

My Favorite Food Toys for Picky Eaters

Food models and toy kitchens that can ease picky eaters into eating and open up the conversation about food.

The Best Kids Cookbooks and Cooking Tools for Kids

I love getting kids in the kitchen. These kitchen tools and cookbooks are great for young kids and picky eaters.

Cooking and Recipe Ideas for Picky Eaters

Cooking is a great way to bridge a picky eater’s hesitation at engaging with new foods. These tips and suggestions will inspire you to bring your picky eater into the kitchen to explore – and eventually taste! – new foods.

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