The school year is in full swing!

Are you already looking for more packed lunch ideas for your autistic child?

I asked recently what you pack your picky eater for lunch  – here’s what you said!

Your Favorite Packed Lunches for Autistic Picky Eaters


  • Cheese sandwich on wheat bread, pretzels, an apple, Craisins, juice

  • Peanut butter sandwich on cinnamon bread, red pear, frozen Gogurt, cinnamon muffin, juice

  • Turkey and cheese sandwich, apple slices, chips, and a juice box

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, dry cereal, vanilla yogurt, crackers

  • Nutella sandwich, cheese ball puffs

  • Cheese sandwich, yogurt, cut grapes

  • Cheese sandwich, applesauce, Cheetos, 2 cookies

  • Rice cake sandwich with turkey and avocado

  • Cheese sandwich (no crust), sliced cucumber


  • Corn, olive and lettuce salad, crackers, cherries, a slice of cake, Capri Sun

  • Peanut butter crackers, mini chocolate chip muffins, chips, and grapes

  • Banana chips, peanut butter, freeze dried strawberries, goldfish, veggie sticks, granola bar, M&Ms

  • Pediasure, sliced cheese, Goldfish

  • Pepperoni cubes, carrot sticks, Goldfish

Hot Meals

  • Macaroni and cheese in a thermos

Thank you so much for sharing your lunches. Leave a comment if I missed any.

You can find my favorite lunchboxes, thermoses, and containers here.

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