Quick and easy gluten-free dairy-free lunch ideas


You can never have too many lunch ideas in your arsenal.

Many kids with autism eat lunches that are gluten-free, casein/dairy-free, and also nut-free. I recommend that children on the spectrum eat as many real whole foods as possible and limit processed foods with tons of added ingredients and chemicals. Many children also feel better avoiding foods like soy. These lunch ideas check all of those boxes.

Remember than an easy and nutritious lunch:

  • involves little to no cooking

  • includes protein + carb + veggie + fruit

  • is allergen-free (for school) and meets your child’s dietary needs

  • is fun to eat!

Try these easy gluten-free dairy-free lunches

  • deli meat + gluten-free bread + carrots + blackberries

  • scrambled eggs + tortilla + cherry tomatoes + grapes

  • hummus + gluten-free crackers + snap peas + apple

  • veggie burger + gluten-free bun + pepper slices + strawberries

  • refried beans + rice + jicama slices + clementine

  • hearty soup in a thermos + avocado dip + cucumber slices + banana

  • bean salad + salsa + celery slices + pear

  • gluten-free protein pasta + sauce + broccoli bites + dates

PS. I love Thrive Market for discounted healthy groceries. They carry a ton of specialty gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free products like protein pasta, gluten-free crackers, and tomato sauce.

Looking for even more ideas for kids on the spectrum? You can find them here.


Take a few minutes to survey your fridge and pantry. Map out a plan of lunches for next week. Create a grocery list so you’re ready to go. Is there anything you can prepare before the week starts? Maybe chop up some veggie slices or portion out dips? (I love the app Wunderlist for making a grocery list my husband and I can share).

If you don’t have it already, be sure to download my picky eating guide so those fruits and veggies you serve don’t go to waste!

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