I always say breakfast is one of the THREE most important meals of the day 😉

The thing is, every meal really is important for children, especially for children with autism who are already at greater risk for nutrient deficiencies and poor nutrition.

Starting the day off with a balanced meal sets the pace for the day. A good breakfast can:

  • lead to sustained energy throughout the day

  • regulate appetite

  • improve focus and performance in school

  • help a kiddo get all of the nutrients they need in a day

I created this list of gluten-free and dairy-free breakfast ideas for children with autism who are on the GFCF diet, however these breakfasts are wonderful for any kid or grown-up regardless of whether not they follow this diet.

You’ll notice a general theme with these meals. My healthy breakfast formula includes (ideally) protein + healthy fat + fiber. Always aim for pairing protein with at least fat or fiber.

Quick and easy gluten-free dairy-free breakfast ideas

Breakfast tacos:

eggs + tortillas + salsa + avocado

Crockpot oatmeal:

gluten-free oats + spices + favorite fruit + optional sweetener (like honey or maple syrup)

Green monster smoothie:

2 cups non-diary milk + 1 frozen banana + 4 cups spinach + optional: nut butter, flax seed (makes 2)

Waffle Sandwich:

gluten-free frozen waffle + nut butter + fruit

Cornmeal mush:

grits + bacon + fruit (+/- fried egg)

Protein pancakes:

high protein pancake mix + flax seed + fruit

Egg soldiers:

soft-boiled egg + gluten-free toast strips + avocado or fruit


coconut yogurt + crunchy granola/gluten-free cereal + fruit

Veggie scramble:

eggs/tofu + favorite veggies

Any leftover or favorite lunch/dinner meal!


Give these quick and easy gluten- and dairy-free breakfasts for kids a try. Any ideas to add? Let me know in the comments below.


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