With shelter in place, stay at home orders, and social distancing affecting most of us, concentrated time at home has become the new norm. From speaking with families like yours, I know the struggle isn’t staying in, but keeping busy and continuing to manage the same struggles you’re facing every day: feeding and helping your picky eater.

These at-home activities are effective and fun for managing picky eating even when we’re not facing the Coronavirus pandemic. Because they use supplies that you likely already have in your home, they’re perfect when we’re limiting trips to the store.

I also encourage you to think of your own activities to help your picky eater. I love all cooking activities, so invite your child into the kitchen with you whether you’re making a treat, a snack, or a meal for your family.

Beyond that, anything that stimulates your child’s sensory system and/or gets them directly or tangentially engaging with food is effective.

Good luck and stay sane at home!

Fun and Easy Stay-at-Home Activities for Picky Eaters



  • Tic tac toe

  • Make your own play dough

  • Food group sorting

  • Blind taste testing

  • Food bowling

  • Food alphabet scavenger hunt

food activities2 (2).jpg
food activities (1).jpg

Get Crafty

  • Food art with cookie cutters

  • Apple or bell pepper print art

  • Make your own edible finger paint

  • Create a self portrait out of vegetables or other foods

  • Create food critters

  • Make your own Mr. Potato Head

  • Build your own house with toothpicks and cubed fruit or cheese

Messy Play with

  • Shaving cream or whipped cream

  • Pudding

  • Cornmeal or kernels

  • Cooked pasta

  • Jello

  • Kinetic sand

  • Yogurt

  • Bubbles

  • Cotton balls

  • Packing peanuts

  • Pompoms


Being stuck inside doesn’t mean you have to abandon efforts to help improve your child’s eating habits and general relationship with food. The goal should be to stimulate your child’s sensory system and get them directly or tangentially engaged with food.


Select a few activities to try out next week. Which ones do you have supplies for already? Start with those!