These food-themed gifts for picky eaters are so fun that your skeptical eater won’t even realize you’re trying to improve their relationship with food.

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Hands On Food Science Experiment Kit

If your child loves to help out in the kitchen (or if you’d love your child to help out in the kitchen) and loves asking questions (how does that work, mom?) this kit is a fun and educational way to learn about how food works while getting more comfortable with food. The kit has 1O activities and recipes, too.

Farmers Market Memory Game and Floor Puzzle 

Research suggests that repeated exposure to pictures of fruits and vegetables increases kids’ consumption of these foods. That possibility is only part of why I love this colorful memory game. It’s an ideal activity for younger kids to help them learn not only about fruits and veggies, but all of their fun colors, too.

Chop Chop Magazine Subscription 

Called “the fun cooking magazine for families,” Chop Chop is a beautiful and educational kids culinary magazine. Think Bon Appetit for young ones! Each issue is filled with delicious kid-friendly recipes, fun food facts, interactive games, and more. It’s a must for hesitant eaters. Remember that kids are more inclined to eat foods they prepare and that any exposure to food is a step in the right direction.

Food Separators

We know picky eaters don’t like food to touch. Unfortunately that can be an inevitable part of eating. Unless you have these awesome food separators that do the dirty work for you and ensure food stays where you want it to be. Also a great alternative.

Fun-Shaped Donut Tin Liners

Not just for donuts, these colorful molds are pretty irresistible. I love the idea of using them as snack holders, but they’re also a fun way to lure a hesitant baker into the kitchen.

Reusable Colorable Placemat

These reusable placemats can travel anywhere your picky eater goes. They’re an exciting way to keep them engaged at the table and entertained while others are eating. All you need is a set of dry-erase markers and your little artist will be well on their way to adventurous eating!

Dinosaur Popsicle Molds

Fun and familiar shapes really work for some kids. And popsicles are just so much fun. Go the healthier route filling this up with yogurt or smoothies, or have some fun and research popsicle recipes together. These dairy-free pops are great to get you started.

You Are Not An Otter – The Story of How Kids Become Adventurous Eaters

From the author of Adventures in Veggieland, this book explores all the ways that others eat. As kids discover animal eating habits they learn that there is one thing they can do that animals can’t. Even your most skeptical eater will enjoy the journey of figuring out what that secret thing is!