The Worst Picky Eating Tips According to Autism Moms


I polled some amazing autism parents in my Facebook Group and on Instagram to find out about their experiences raising a picky eater (or problem feeder) on the autism spectrum.

The question I asked was:

What is the most frustrating autism picky eating advice you’ve received from a non-ASD parent/teacher/doctor/etc?

Here’s what they said!

“If he doesn’t eat what you put in front of him, don’t give him anything else. He won’t starve.”

“It’s a phase!”

“If they’re hungry enough they’ll eat it.”

Force feed him and he will like it once he’s tasted it!”

“Just starve him until he eats what you make.”

“Withhold food until he eats what he was served.”

“All kids are picky, he’ll grow out of it.”

“Just keep offering it and he’ll eventually eat it.”

“Just don’t feed them. They’ll get hungry and eat what you make.”

“Nothing...but I’m lost.”

By far the most common response: “She’ll eat when she’s hungry.

I appreciated one mom’s reaction to that feedback: “Yes, but it’s going to be absolute hell up until then.”

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