The Autism Nutritionist picky eating programs help kids overcome picky eating and sensory food aversions so they comfortably eat a variety new foods.

Step 1:

Start with a complimentary 15-minute consultation to make sure your child is a good fit for my programs and that I’m a good fit for your family.

Step 2:

We’ll schedule your Initial Diagnostic Assessment, a 75-minute virtual meeting where we identify your top goals and take a deep dive into your child’s nutrition and eating history. As a result, you’ll get off the phone with:

  1. My top recommendations for your child

  2. A clear understanding of what is holding your child back from enjoying a variety of foods

  3. Easy ways to start making changes today

  4. Confidence that you don’t have to wait any longer to start feeling better about your child’s eating 

Step 3:

We’ll continue with one of my programs below.

Menu of Picky Eating and Nutrition Programs

  1. Beyond Chicken Nuggets

  • Add new, healthy foods into your child’s diet so you can enjoy family dinners, go out to eat, and send your child to birthday parties and playdates knowing they’ll have something to eat

  • You’ll walk away with a plan to successfully introduce your child to new foods and increase variety in their diet

  • Your child is a good fit for Beyond Chicken Nuggets if he or she struggles to try new foods

  • Three 60-minute sessions 

2. Nutrition Boost

  • Improve nutrition in your child’s diet so you can stop worrying about weight gain, weight loss, nutrient deficiencies, or disease development 

  • You’ll leave with a plan of how to work with your child’s sensory and food preferences to improve and expand their diet

  • Your child is a good fit for Nutrition Boost if he or she has a limited diet and avoids entire food groups

  • Three 60-minute sessions

3. Mealtime Makeover

  • Make one meal for your whole family and support healthy eating habits at home so your child eats better and you spend less time cooking, cleaning, and planning meals

  • You’ll leave with a game plan to get your picky eater sitting at the table and sharing the family meal

  • This program helps you introduce new foods, improve your child’s diet, and create an environment at home that supports a healthy relationship with food so your child enjoys eating a variety of foods

  • You’re a good fit for Mealtime Makeovers if your child struggles to sit for meals, if you wonder how to serve meals your child will eat, and if you want to make just one meal for your whole family

  • Five-60 minute sessions

4. Food Explorer Camp for Kids

  • Improve your child’s sensory food aversions through 1-on-1 sessions so you can spend less time stressing about your child’s nutrition and more time enjoying meals together

  • Based on the SOS Approach to Feeding and includes both you and your child

  • Increases your child’s comfort level with foods by engaging the senses with the goal of introducing new foods and expanding the diet

  • Your child will explore, experience, and learn about new foods

  • Includes mealtime support and strategies you can employ to improve picky eating in the home

  • For kids aged 5-ish -11-ish with or without autism

  • Your child is a good fit for The Food Explorer Camp for Kids if he or she experiences sensory issues that impact eating

  • Five 60-minute sessions

5. Fine Tuning

  • For parents who are enjoying progress with picky eating and are ready to take it to the next level

  • These sessions can help you meet specific goals in areas such as:

    • Going Out to Eat Together

    • Preparing for School Lunch

    • Travelling With Your Picky Eater

    • Menu Planning

    • How to Deal With Setbacks

  • Available a la carte after completing one of the above packages or as a personalized program tailored to your child’s needs

6. Packaged Tailored Just For You

  • All of the above programs can be extended

  • Combination packages are also available

  • If you want long-term support after your program ends, I offer discounted accountability packages



  • Sessions are provided virtually or locally in the Philadelphia area

  • Sessions may include your child. The Initial Diagnostic Assessment is grownups only.

  • For rates, package details, and availability please apply for coaching below

  • Still have some questions? Schedule a call with me or send me an email

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