How can I get my autistic child to try new foods?

No, you’re not the only autism mom who is wondering these things.

Over 80% of kids on the spectrum have at least one eating struggle. And just like autism itself, autism eating challenges present differently in every child.

What you need is a specialized program tailored specifically to your child.

No more conventional picky eating tips that don’t work

No more hoping “he’ll eat when he’s hungry enough”

No more feeling guilty, lost, and desperate

Imagine a life where you:

  • Relax knowing your child eats a variety of foods instead of the same three every day

  • Can introduce new foods with ease and confidence (no more meltdowns!)

  • Enjoy mealtimes with your family….

  • …and serve just one meal for everyone

  • Can go out to restaurants, travel, and even forget to pack a special food bag without worrying

  • Confidently select foods you know your child can eat

  • Aren’t constantly worrying about your child’s diet 

My Approach

I take a two-pronged approach to expanding and improving your child's diet.

First, we focus on the how of eating. Think of it as a mealtime makeover for your family.

Then we turn to food - diet expansion and diet improvement. My approach includes hands-on sensory food exposures so your child learns to feel comfortable trying - and even like eating! - new foods.

What You Get

  • One 90-minute diagnostic assessment so we can figure out where you’re coming from and where you want to go

  • Your own copy of my eBook Autism Food Rules after your first session

  • A program designed specifically for your goals, availability, and your child’s needs based on findings from the diagnostic assessment

  • Unlimited email support within 24-48 hours of your message between sessions for guidance and accountability

  • A recap of your goal after each session and weekly correspondence for accountability and troubleshooting

  • Access to my private Facebook support community

  • The option to extend coaching to best meet your needs



  • Sessions are provided locally in the Philadelphia area or virtually (phone or video)

  • Sessions may include your child. The first session (the assessment) is grownups only.

  • For rates, package details, and availability please apply for coaching below or send me an email here

  • Still have some questions? Schedule a call with me or send me an email


What to Expect from Virtual Counseling

Sessions are conducted via video or phone call unless you live in the Philadelphia area and prefer a home consultation. Virtual counseling is a convenience that saves time and money.  I know your plate is full. By talking on the phone or using video you don’t have to worry about traveling to and from appointments or paying for parking, transportation or a babysitter for your little ones. We can chat on your lunch break, while your kids are at school, or even while you're taking a walk!

Please note that sessions that include your child will need to be conducted over video chat. We can use Skype, Facetime, or my virtual counseling portal.