“My child has tried more foods in the past 2 weeks than she has in the last 6 months!”

The other day she said, “I want to try celery!”

Get the tools to leave mealtime anxiety behind for good. 

Ready for your extreme picky eater to try new foods, eat more variety, and have a better relationship with food?

Real talk…

Your child’s severely limited diet is a daily struggle.

You want them to eat new foods… but they’re too anxious or fearful to try (or even have them on their plate).

You heard they’d outgrow it… but they haven’t, and it’s only getting harder as they get older.

Maybe they refuse to eat foods because of texture…

Maybe they’ve even stopped eating their favorite foods…

Seriously, you’d LOVE for them to eat ‘real food’ (even ‘kid food’ like pizza would be AMAZING)…instead of snacks, snacks & more snacks!

You’ve tried everything (and I mean everything!)

Set meal times and grazing…

Eating as a family and eating alone…

Pressuring and not pressuring…

Bribing or hiding foods…

Having your child cook with you…

Nutritionists, online courses, feeding therapy…

You hoped it was a phase, but you’re still:

Stocking up on ‘their food’ (and hoping their brand is available)

Telling the other mom what your child eats when they go to a friend’s house

Packing your child’s safe foods to take to a birthday party

Cooking multiple meals so everyone in the family eats dinner

Sometimes you wonder, “how did it even get to this point??”

If so, you’re invited to

Eating with Ease

The 6-week program for older children who are extreme picky eaters

Yes, your child can eat normally! I’ve helped over 100+ extreme picky eaters, and this will help your child too.

Eating With Ease gives you the framework, training and live support (with me!) to make picky eating a thing of the past. In this program you get the tools to help your older child (5 years and up) overcome picky eating and enjoy a variety of food!

The complete program to help your picky eater eat with ease!

Get 6 weeks of coaching, training & support:

Eating With Ease Framework with bite-sized video training to watch on your own schedule

Personalized support and a custom game plan to help your child

Weekly group coaching calls to keep you accountable and on track

Picky eating resource library with every tip and trick you need to support your child’s eating & nutrition

Online community for real-time discussions, advice and encouragement from other parents of picky eaters

Bonus Bank with resources & everything you need to support your child’s eating!

Step-by-step printable playbook with the complete plan you need to resolve picky eating

want to know when doors to Eating with Ease open again?

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“This program is really, really good. I’m using it with both my kids and it works every time, it’s amazing.”

– Keara, mom of 6 and 3 year old

Let’s face it…

Picky eating affects SO much more than just meals.

When was the last time you went to a restaurant?

Sent your kids to camp or a friend’s house, without worrying about what your child will eat?

Took a vacation? (And didn’t pack a suitcase of ‘their food’ to take with you?)

Listen – you can get there.

Though it takes time to unravel a lifelong habit of picky eating, your child can make significant improvements in just a few months with the right training and support.

Make mealtimes a positive experience for the whole family

The proven Eating With Ease framework takes you step-by-step through strategies that help your child eat a wider variety of food.

No more overwhelming random advice, opinions or ideas!

No more pressure, bribing or tricking them into eating!

No more dreading the daily mealtime battles!

You’ll get to the root cause of your child’s picky eating and help them make real progress by building on each previous step.


Set the foundation


Simple and fun ways to make mealtimes easy


Introduce new foods


Your child will try new foods & eat a bigger variety


Improve and advance


Stay on track and further their progress

Seriously, it works:

Want your child to try new food and eat more variety?

Take a look inside!

Eating With Ease changes your entire approach to feeding your picky eater.

Even though you might’ve tried some of these things in the past, it’s the entire framework and personalized support that makes the difference.

You’ll set the entire eating experience so your picky eater happily tries new food!

Here’s a glimpse at what we cover…

Set the foundation

See how to: 

  • Structure mealtimes so your child is receptive to trying food
  • Take the pressure off (and release the guilt!)
  • Serve meals they’ll actually eat – even with new food
  • Get your entire family on the same page as a united front
  • Use 3 ingredients to have successful meals
  • Make mealtime fun so your child (and you!) looks forward to it
  • Navigate picky eating with preteens and teens
  • Use “say this, not that” swaps to get your child trying food like magic

Introduce New Foods

See how to: 

  • Introduce food so your child wants to try
  • Create variety, even with a limited diet
  • Make your child feel comfortable with new food (no anxiety here!)
  • Use their favorite foods to get them trying something new
  • Increase the likelihood of tasting food
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes parents make when introducing new food
  • Help your child go from tasting to eating in 5 simple steps
  • Get preteens and teens trying new food (it’s different!)
  • Get your child trying new food with a single sentence

Improve & Advance

See how to:

  • Make tasting food a fun game so your child happily plays along
  • Get your child eating a preferred food again after they rejected it
  • Handle the inevitable “I don’t like its” (and what it really means!)
  • Use ‘stepping stones’ to help your child accept new food
  • Add variety to any meal
  • Help your child eat dishes with multiple ingredients (like soup, lasagna, and tacos) with 12 tips
  • Use their favorite tastes (sweet, salty) to introduce new food
  • Maintain momentum so your child keeps making progress and you don’t get burnt out

Want your child to happily eat anything you put on their plate – yes, even vegetables??

“Our daughter is now choosing to try new foods completely unprompted!” 

“Working with Jenny has been so helpful to our family. 

Our eight-year-old felt anxious about trying new foods. We were concerned that her list of foods was getting smaller, and that she wasn’t getting the nourishment she needed. 

Jenny’s Eating with Ease program is thorough. The videos are short, which I find convenient as a busy parent. 

The opportunity to talk to Jenny about our concerns and wins in a small group setting is helpful because I get suggestions that are relevant to my child and where she is now. 

Being the parent of a selective eater has felt isolating at times. Hearing about other parents’ challenges and wins has been so encouraging and validating. 

Our daughter is now choosing to try new foods completely unprompted. 

I am deeply grateful to Jenny for her support in this journey.”

– Johanna, mom of an 8 year old

You get tons of support in Eating With Ease!

“The live calls are our favorite part of the program. It’s so great having Jenny as a guide and sounding board so we don’t second guess our decisions.”

– Danielle, mom of a 5 year old

Get direct personal feedback during our video calls! They’re interactive and fun:

Private Community

A safe space where you can connect with other parents who know what it’s like to have a child who struggles to eat and get immediate feedback from them and your coaches – whether you’re recovering from a messy mealtime or looking for new snack ideas 

Weekly Calls

Get weekly support and feedback during our live calls. As you progress through the program you’ll get help for where your child is now, and know what to do next!

2 Eating Experts

Your coaches – a dietitian and occupational therapist – who are both moms themselves, bring you over 20 years of combined professional and personal experience so you can trust that you’ll be in good hands

Join Eating With Ease and get expert support to make real progress with your picky eater!

“It feels so good to have finally found something that is on board with our way of feeding.”  

My son is comfortable trying new food. He now eats carrot, cucumber, peas.

He tastes things now like it’s no big deal.

I feel good. I know where I need to go from here. I have the tools I need to move forward.”

– Heather, mom of a 10 year old

Plus, join now and get access to

The Bonus Bank!

Break free from your child’s limited “safe foods” list with bonuses that get them eating more food, faster.

Resource Bank

New food introduction guide

Every strategy under the sun to get your child tasting new food 

Nutrition tools for kids

Know how to talk to your child about nutrition so they understand (really!) 

Food exploring strategies

Make food fun with hands-on ways to have your child interact with food


Kids have a blast (and let their guard down!) with these board games 

Meal planning guide

Make 1 meal the whole family will eat!

The Building Food Bridges Mini Course


A masterclass teaching you a step-by-step strategy that uses your child’s favorite foods to introduce new ones.

✔ Identify your child’s food preferences and use them to your advantage

✔ Make a plan for introducing the new foods your child is most likely to eat and enjoy

✔ Learn how to build a food bridge in 5 simple steps

✔ Take things to the next level with your exclusive 12-page guide and workbook 

✔ Follow over 40 examples so you can make your own successful bridges 


… and more!

Let’s face it, eating happens multiple times a day. Join now and get relief from the daily stress.

Finally, people who get what you’re going through:

“It’s really helpful to talk with the other parents who are in the same situation.”

“As parents we often feel like I’m the only one going through this. No one else gets it. 

It’s helpful to connect with others going through the same struggles and to know they understand. Other people don’t realize the extreme pickiness.

It’s great to share what’s happening with other parents who really get it. They understand and have helpful ideas.

It’s encouraging to see someone who has gone through what you’re dealing with, and now they’re on the other side of it.”

– Tiffany, mom of an 8 year old

Ready to feel seen?

Come join us, we’re here for you 🙂

I’ve helped over 100+ picky eaters!

I’m here to support your child and you.

Hi! I’m Jenny Friedman, MS RD

Founder of Eating With Ease

Leading extreme picky eating expert, dietitian, author, mom – your coach!

Known for her playful and approachable style, Jenny has helped dozens of children learn to confidently eat new foods and expand their diets. Jenny helps parents understand their child’s eating challenges so they can have better mealtimes and know their kids are getting the nutrition they need to thrive.

She is the author of Stories of Extreme Picky Eating: Children with Severe Food Aversions and the Solutions that Helped Them and is on the board of medical reviewers for whattoexpect.com.

I can’t wait to help your family in Eating with Ease!

“We can go out to eat!

“Before working with Jenny, I was freaking out because my son wouldn’t have a grilled cheese out, and now he will eat multiple types of grilled cheese and multiple types of quesadillas.”

– Rachel, mom of an 8 year old


“Eating with Ease is unlike anything else.”

“My son has been in feeding therapy for years and Eating with Ease is unlike anything else I have ever come across. We’re finally going in the right direction. 

The program provides focus and tools I’ve never had before and they’re helping so much. It is so incredibly special. I have more confidence and a state of mind I didn’t ever think I could have.”

– Emily, mom of a 7 year old


“Worth its weight in gold!”

“My daughter has made so many strides with Eating with Ease. 

Instead of avoiding new foods, she has confidence and a relaxed attitude, and she’s tried so many new foods. 

Seeing her freedom and independence is just amazing. Jenny is incredible and Eating with Ease is worth its weight in gold.”

– Lucia, mom of a 5 year old

Most families see an improvement from the very first lesson!

Thing is, extreme picky eating is often rooted in food anxiety or fear.

That’s why most traditional picky eating advice doesn’t work – because it doesn’t get to the root cause. Picky eaters face invisible barriers that “normal eating adults” simply don’t see. 

Eating With Ease addresses your child’s picky eating at the source, and helps your child overcome food anxiety step-by-step.

This approach is so different that many families notice a positive shift right from the very first lesson. Your child will become so comfortable with food, they’ll surprise you by trying things – even foods you never thought they would eat!

Eating With Ease has helped families:

  • Finally take their dream vacation in Disney World
  • Leave the house without bringing ‘their’ food
  • Go out for dinner where their child ate real food!

Every parent says “I wish I’d joined sooner!”

Parents often ask things like, “I tried feeding therapy but it didn’t work. What makes this different?”

See, eating happens in your home – not in a therapist’s office. The things covered during sessions often don’t translate to real life. (As you might’ve already experienced 😉 )

Eating With Ease gives you the tools to help your child eat in your own home.

You’ll create an ‘eating environment’ where your child feels safe to try new food.

Not only do you get every extreme picky eating strategy, you also get personalized advice that will specifically help your child.

“The impact on day-to-day living has been profound.”

Before we joined Eating With Ease we were at a crossroads. I’d read every book on extreme picky eating that has ever been written. 

I tried so many things over the years. We’d seen a lot of therapists and specialists. 

But they never even scratched the surface. 

What’s different about Eating with Ease is the personal connection and accountability. 

Jenny has treated kids with these issues. She KNOWS these kids. 

Eating with Ease is based on experience, success, and reality – and it’s really great. The impact on day-to-day living has been profound.”

– Victoria, mom of a 5, 8, and 11 year old

Questions parents ask before joining Eating With Ease

I've tried everything. How is Eating with Ease different from the other picky eating programs and courses out there?

The Eating with Ease Program is designed for parents of very selective eaters on the severe or extreme end of the picky eating spectrum. You might describe them as a problem eater, food phobic, fearful, anxious, avoidant, or averse.

Unlike many other picky eating programs, Eating with Ease uses a responsive child-led approach to address your child’s barriers to trying new foods. The approach considers the root cause of eating struggles and respects a child’s comfort level while helping them to move forward at their own pace. Eating with Ease also includes expertise from other eating professionals.

And unlike many other programs, Eating with Ease also focuses on you, the parent. The program helps you learn to accept your child’s struggles and sets you up to make progress in a realistic and manageable way.

What age is Eating with Ease for?

It’s never too early or too late for a child to learn to feel more comfortable eating. This program is designed for kids ages 5-12 .

If you are looking for support for a toddler, check out the program for Toddlers & little Kids.

If your child is older, please email hello@feedingpickyeaters.com.

Am I a good fit for Eating with Ease?

Parents who have the most success in the program:

  • Believe their child can get past picky eating
  • Celebrate small wins
  • Willingly try new things (and retry things you’ve done before)
  • Have realistic expectations and aren’t looking for a quick fix
  • Put in the work and stick with it
  • Can laugh at the journey “Yaaay my child just ate a bite of COOKIE!” 🍪😂🎉

If that’s you, come join us in Eating With Ease!

Is Eating with Ease appropriate for children with a diagnosis of autism or sensory processing difficulties?

Eating with Ease addresses extreme food aversions. While not designed specifically for these populations, the approach is appropriate for the eating struggles that kids with autism or sensory processing disorders experience. Please note that children with special needs often need professional assessment and support. The Eating with Ease Program can be a great addition to support from individual therapists. The program is designed for children who have verbal skills.

How many foods will my child be eating with Eating with Ease is over?

Your child’s progress in Eating with Ease will depend on a number of factors – where they are starting from, how much time you are able to commit to the program and recommended activities, and the severity of their eating aversions are just a few.

While we cannot guarantee that your child will eat a certain number of foods or any specific foods, we can guarantee that you will learn the necessary strategies to help them feel more comfortable eating and trying new foods and that you will feel completely supported throughout your time in the program.

My child has a diagnosis of ARFID. Is this program right for me?

Yes! This course will be great for you. You will want to make sure you are also working with a personal medical team if your child is underweight, nutrients, tube fed, or has any other medical diagnosis or issue.

When are the live coaching calls?

Calls are at 12pm eastern time on Thursdays. We will be meeting from February 2 to March 9.

We also have a Welcome Call on Monday January 30 at 12 pm eastern.

How does this all work?

Every week for six weeks, you’ll gain access to a new step in the Eating with Ease framework. These are short videos that you can watch or listen to on your own schedule.

Each week comes with its own set of supportive done-for-you resources and you’ll also have immediate access to your trusty guidebook. 

We have live coaching meetings every week where you can ask your coaches for personalized feedback. 

The weekly time investment is a minimum of 30 minutes. All live meetings are recorded if you miss them or want to rewatch.

You want to…

Send your child to birthday parties, sleepaway camp & friends’ houses – without food getting in the way

Look forward to family dinners, instead of feeling like they’re always a battle.

Cook 1 meal everyone in the family will eat.

Stop feeling embarrassed or guilty when your child eats with other people.

Know they get the proper nutrition they need to grow, instead of surviving on snacks.

Help your child get over this for good, and avoid the shame, social isolation, and health problems that adult picky eaters face. 

Extreme picky eaters don’t grow out of it on their own.

If you want to make real progress, you need to do something different.

Eating With Ease has a long-standing track record of success, and it will help your child too.

Resolving picky eating is “life-changing” for your child, yourself, and your whole family.

Join me, and let’s help your child together.

Eating With Ease gives you the clear plan, proven strategies, and support so your child eats new foods!

Get 6 weeks of coaching, training & support:

Eating With Ease Framework with bite-sized video training to watch on your own schedule

Personalized support and a custom game plan to help your child

Weekly group coaching calls to keep you accountable and on track

Picky eating resource library with every tip and trick you need to support your child’s eating & nutrition

Online community for real-time discussions, advice and encouragement from other parents of picky eaters

Bonus Bank with printable resources & everything you need to support your child’s eating!

Step-by-step printable playbook with all the resources you need to resolve picky eating

Eating with Ease is open for new members Fall 2023. Join the waitlist so you don’t miss out.

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