Get your picky eater to eat with ease!

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Here’s what it covers…

Set the foundation

See how to: 

  • Structure mealtimes so your child is receptive to trying food
  • Take the pressure off (and release the guilt!)
  • Serve meals they’ll actually eat – even with new food
  • Get your entire family on the same page as a united front
  • Use 3 ingredients to have successful meals
  • Make mealtime fun so your child (and you!) looks forward to it
  • Navigate picky eating with preteens and teens
  • Use “say this, not that” swaps to get your child trying food like magic

Introduce New Foods

See how to: 

  • Introduce food so your child wants to try
  • Create variety, even with a limited diet
  • Make your child feel comfortable with new food (no anxiety here!)
  • Use their favorite foods to get them trying something new
  • Increase the likelihood of tasting food
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes parents make when introducing new food
  • Help your child go from tasting to eating in 5 simple steps
  • Get preteens and teens trying new food (it’s different!)
  • Get your child trying new food with a single sentence

Improve & Advance

See how to:

  • Make tasting food a fun game so your child happily plays along
  • Get your child eating a preferred food again after they rejected it
  • Handle the inevitable “I don’t like its” (and what it really means!)
  • Use ‘stepping stones’ to help your child accept new food
  • Add variety to any meal
  • Help your child eat dishes with multiple ingredients (like soup, lasagna, and tacos) with 12 tips
  • Use their favorite tastes (sweet, salty) to introduce new food
  • Maintain momentum so your child keeps making progress and you don’t get burnt out

Ready for the step-by-step process to get your child trying new foods? 

“The videos are amazing! We started implementing the zero-pressure statements and you can see my sons’ little brain processing things so differently, we love it!” 

– Michelle, mom of a 6-year-old

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Step-by-step printable guidebook with all the resources you need to resolve picky eating

❌ Please note this includes ONLY the Eating with Ease framework, video trainings, and weekly email support. This self-paced course does NOT include 1:1 sessions, monthly Fun With Food sessions, or weekly group coaching calls. ❌ 

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