My Favorite Eating Accessories

Try some of my favorite tools that make mealtimes easier for you and more fun for your kids.

8 the plate this fun and creative spinnable plate helps selective eaters try new foods without the stress

Bento box and sandwich cutters and bento box set - for fancy-looking lunches that will make other kids jealous

Colorful Silicone Dividers that make even simple meals seem exciting; these are a must for children who prefer foods don’t touch

ezpz plates, bowls, and placemats all-in-one fun-colored placemat/plate combo suctions to the table to capture your kid's mess and eliminate tipped bowls and plates (that means no plate-throwing and less mess!) Buy 2 Happy Mats and get a book for FREE!

Kiddofeedo silicon trays for freezing kid-sized portions or creatively serving meals; perfect for introducing new foods and ensuring different food types won’t touch

Kid Stir - not a tool, but a great program that delivers fun cooking kits for kids ages 5-10. Each delivery has three seasonal recipes, two cooking tools, fun games, and fact sheets.

Leakproof Thermos so you can pack hot items like soup or oatmeal and have them actually stay hot

Lunch box LunchBots Stainless Steel Food Container kids and parents love this eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, leakproof and BPA-free lunch container with sections to keep food safe and separate

Insulated Leak-Proof Bento that keeps food hot and cold - and separate! - that is great for one larger warm dish

Timer perfect for creating structure around mealtime or feeding therapy activities

Vegetable cutters because a little fun and cuteness can never hurt

Please note! I have an advertising relationship with some of the links in this post. Think of it as a tip for sharing awesome recommendations.