Sensory Snack Guide for Picky Eaters



Your child’s picky. How many times have you…

  • Prepared a perfect healthy snack . Only to have your child reject the whole thing.

  • Searched for a crunchy snack that doesn’t resemble a cracker.

  • Googled terms like “healthy crunchy snacks” and “smooth snack for kids.”

  • Devoted hours to creating special meals to match your child’s particular texture preferences.

  • Wished there was something new you could offer your child who only eats brown smooth foods.

You’re not alone. In fact, most parents of picky eaters struggle to find the “just right” foods that their child will eat. Like you, most parents want more variety and healthier options.

I know that a food’s texture, taste, and appearance can make or break a child’s decision to eat. I know how exasperating and exhausting this can be.

That’s why I created the Sensory Snack Guide – the ideal resource for parents and therapists of picky eaters, problem feeders, kids with oral-motor delays, autistic picky eaters, kids with sensory processing symptoms, and any other child who struggles to eat.


The Sensory Snack Guide contains:

  • Over 200 snack ideas

  • At least 30 options for each of the 8 most preferred tastes and textures: crunchy, soft, sweet, salty, smooth, high sensory (big taste or texture), warm, and cold

  • At home and on-the-go options

  • Ways to maximize snacks so kids stay full and energized

  • Expert tips for creating tasty snacks kids actually eat

  • 8 pages downloaded as a PDF