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The Healthiest Anti-Inflammatory Snacks for Kids with Autism

Although autism is primarily a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior, some studies suggest there is an inflammatory component of the condition. While there is no strong evidence to support any one particular diet for treating or curing autism, diet can have a significant impact on the body’s inflammation.

Quick and easy gluten-free dairy-free lunch ideas

Many kids with autism eat lunches that are gluten-free, casein/dairy-free, and also nut-free. I recommend that children on the spectrum eat as many real whole foods as possible and limit processed foods with tons of added ingredients and chemicals. Many children also feel better avoiding foods like soy. These lunch ideas check all of those boxes.

The best foods for children with autism

Despite the plethora of anecdotal success stories of alternative diets for autism, scientific research is unable to support many of the claims we hear. That doesn’t mean diets like gluten-free and casein-free won’t help your child’s symptoms. What it does mean is that there is no guarantee these diets help. Every child has a different response to food just as every child’s autism experience is different.

Because of the uncertainty associated with special elimination diets for autism, I suggest looking to easier diet modifications to first.

How to survive the holidays with a child on the spectrum and a special diet

Holiday season has come on strong for me this year. After three nights of festivities following Thanksgiving Day and Hanukkah last week, I'm still trying to reset as I look forward to what feels like a whole month of non-stop celebrations and cookie swaps. Yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year, but also a time that tends to come with a lot of sugar-induced stress.