10 Awesome Non-Candy Halloween Treats for Picky Eaters with Autism and SPD


Halloween can become stickier than a trick-or-treater’s hands for a child with autism and sensory issues. The deviation from routine combined with noises, smells, crowds, decorations, costumes, and new foods can overwhelm a sensitive child.

If a traditional Halloween isn’t in your plans this year, foregoing candy, crowds, and trick-or-treating doesn’t mean your child needs to miss the Halloween fun all together.

These festive non-candy sensory-friendly alternatives last longer than a chocolate bar. They’re all fun, and many can actually help your child improve sensory skills and picky eating.

If you are participating in candy-eating and trick or treating, read on for five of my favorite healthier dye-free Halloween candies.

10 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Halloween-Themed Stamps 

These stamps mean no messy hands for your sensory sensitive child. Bonus: built in fine motor skill practice!

Light Up Halloween Bubble Blower Wand

What child doesn’t get excited about lights and bubbles?

Halloween-Themed Cookie and Sandwich Cutters

A personal favorite, these cookie cutters are also fun for play-dough and packed lunches all month long.

Halloween-Themed Stickers

Another fine motor tool, these stickers are a festive yet inexpensive way to participate in Halloween fun.

Temporary Halloween-Themed Tattoos

Putting on temporary tattoos can be a great sensory experience. Mostly, they’re just good old fashioned fun.

Glow Bracelets and Necklaces

Glow accessories make for a great costume for kids who don’t like to get dressed up (and they’re also fun for those who do!).

Glow-in-the-Dark Slime

Glow-in-the-dark takes this slime up a level. Slime is also a fun activity for a sensory sensitive child.

Halloween Glasses

Glasses are such a fun way to build a flexible, easy costume. There’s enough to share with the whole family!

Build Your Own Jack-o-Lantern

Festive and fun - these are great for kids who prefer not to get messy with the real deal, but still want to join the festivities.

I Spy Halloween Activity Book

This book is a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit and can help open the conversation for what to expect on Halloween night.

Top 5 Dye-Free Halloween Treats

Evidence suggests that artificial food dyes might aggravate autism behaviors. Read on more info about this.


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