Kids in the kitchen

7 Picky Eating Products Under $10 that Autism Parents Are Obsessed With

Looking for ways to help your picky eater with autism? These tools have you covered.

These simple products can have a big impact in how your child eats and interacts with food. We’ve got solutions for picky eaters, tools for kids sensory food aversions and texture preferences, a plate that makes eating dinner more fun, and a bunch of special products that encourage your child to play with food and get in the kitchen.

10 things worth buying to dramatically improve your ASD child’s relationship with food

Feeding a child with autism can be a challenge. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability. While the manifestation of autism symptoms is unique in each individual, behavioral barriers, food anxiety, limited diets, and sensory aversions are common challenges that complicate eating for kids on the spectrum.

2018 Gift Guide for Kids with Autism and the Parents Who Feed Them

Christmas music on the radio only means one thing: the holidays are here and it’s time to get shopping!

I curated these gifts for any food-loving kid or picky eater who you would love to one day become a food-loving kid! Gifts are chosen for kids with autism and sensory processing disorder and/or picky eaters who could use a nudge to broaden their appetites.