How to make sensory food aversions your friend

For a lot of kiddos who I work with the decision to eat or not to eat a food is often just as much about the food’s appearance and texture as it is about its taste.

That means that the way a food is cut or cooked can make or break the decision to eat for a child with sensory challenges.

How to survive the holidays with a child on the spectrum and a special diet

Holiday season has come on strong for me this year. After three nights of festivities following Thanksgiving Day and Hanukkah last week, I'm still trying to reset as I look forward to what feels like a whole month of non-stop celebrations and cookie swaps. Yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year, but also a time that tends to come with a lot of sugar-induced stress.

Did you know this about autism and food dyes?

At a glance

  • Some studies suggest that eating artificial food dyes is associated with hyperactivity

  • There is no proven relationship between ASD symptoms and eating food dyes

  • All kids can benefit from eating fewer processed foods and artificial ingredients