picky eating

Picky Eating vs. Problem Feeding in Autism

Picky eating is something most parents identify in children at some point in their lives. Many experts actually believe selective eating preferences are a natural part of growing up. Saying no to foods is a way for children to assert themselves and, way back when, a more nuanced sensitivity to bitterness (which may contribute to pickiness in toddlers) was a form of protection from eating potentially poisonous foods.

3 Opportunities for Parents to Improve Picky Eating in Autism

Autistic children tend to respond well with immediate feedback and support, so the next time you’re frustrated with your child during a meal, take a look at your own actions. Are you visibly stressed? Are you eating alongside your child? Do you show him that you enjoy eating? You want to be a positive role model and cheerleader for your child.

The Most Helpful Picky Eating Books for Autism Parents

Looking for a good book about picky eating for child with autism? Feeding a child with autism is unique, so not every book about child nutrition will apply. These books are some of my favorites that do. The following books are the ones I read over and over, have highlighted so much that the pages glow, and use currently in my work with children on the spectrum.