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How to survive the holidays with a child on the spectrum and a special diet

Holiday season has come on strong for me this year. After three nights of festivities following Thanksgiving Day and Hanukkah last week, I'm still trying to reset as I look forward to what feels like a whole month of non-stop celebrations and cookie swaps. Yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year, but also a time that tends to come with a lot of sugar-induced stress.

Autism parents’ guide to a stress-free Thanksgiving

The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun and I know many of the parents I work with are wishing they could hold off just a while longer. Not because they need more time to prepare the festive menu, but because when living with a child on the spectrum days that veer from routine can be trying.

Kids with autism do best when they know what’s coming. Holidays lack comforting routine and present potential surprises. They’re a challenge. Combined with the extra pressure to have a happy day, holidays like Thanksgiving can lead to stress and anxiety for both child and parent.