Crunchy and Chewy Meal Plan for Sensory Seekers

So your kid really only eats crunchy and chewy foods. Things like crackers, crackers, more crackers, oh, and maybe some chips or pretzels. Food texture preferences combined with picky eating can make creating a balanced meal that your child can and actually wants to eat a challenge.

If you’re feeling defeated every time you make a meal, you’re worried your child isn’t getting the right nutrition, and you’re ready to serve something for snack that isn’t one of those crackers, this meal plan is for you.

Easy to Pack Travel Snacks for Kids With Sensory Issues

Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or car with your family this summer, packing snacks for the kids is a must. These nutritious kid-friendly travel snacks are portable, easy to eat, and packed with healthy nutrients. Best part is, these are sensory-friendly snacks - perfect for your picky eaters with autism and sensory food aversions.

10 Tips for Feeding Kids Who Gag at Smelling Food

Does your child ever gag just from smelling a food?

It seems like a surprising reaction (and certainly a scary one to experience), but autism parents know gagging at the smell of a food can be pretty common. 

This article will cover why autistic kids and kids with sensory issues might gag from the smell of foods and what you can do to help your child get over his sensitivity to smell.