How can I get my autistic child to try new foods?

Why is my child so picky?

And what foods are actually best for autism any way?

No, you’re not the only autism mom who is wondering these things.

Over 80% of kids on the spectrum have at least one eating struggle. And just like autism itself, autism eating challenges present differently in every child.

That’s why you’re not looking for “the autism diet” and why traditional picky eating tips haven’t worked.

What you need is a specialized program tailored specifically to your child.

Imagine a life where you:

  • Relax knowing your child eats a variety of foods instead of the same three every day

  • Can introduce healthy new foods with ease and confidence (no more meltdowns!)

  • Enjoy mealtimes with your family

  • Confidently select foods that benefit your child and don’t trigger unwanted behavior

  • Appreciate your child’s improved mood and behavior

  • Finish a meal without a meltdown

  • Finally breathe easy 

My Approach

Diet should enhance energy, behavior, and health. It shouldn't be something that holds your child back. My goal is for your child to feel empowered by the food he or she eats.

With my five-step approach we will uncover the foods that make your child thrive while targeting his or her specific needs and intolerances to ultimately create the most inclusive eating plan as possible.

The 5-Step Plan

Refresh: We establish a foundation filled with healthful, whole foods

Remove: Let’s say goodbye to the foods that don’t help your child thrive

Resolve: We manage feeding obstacles like sensory aversions and selective eating preferences

Restore: We consider your child’s individual needs to create a personalized vitamin and supplement regimen

Rebalance: We look at the whole picture – sleep, activity, and possible food sensitivities – to create a unique diet and lifestyle plan to best manage your child’s behavior and autism symptoms

What You Get

  • One 60-minute initial assessment where we get to know each other and identify our first goals

  • Three 30-minute follow up sessions to be completed over 8 weeks

  • Weekly resources including recipes and product recommendations

  • Access to private Facebook support community

  • Unlimited email support within 24-48 hours of your message between sessions for guidance and accountability

  • A recap of your goal after each session and weekly correspondence for accountability and troubleshooting

  • The option to extend coaching an additional three or six weeks


  • Sessions are provided locally in the Philadelphia area or virtually (phone or video)

  • For rates and availability please schedule a free coaching phone call below or send me an email here

  • Find answers to many frequently asked questions here or send me an email

What to Expect from Virtual Counseling

Sessions are conducted via video or phone call (your choice!) unless you live in the Philadelphia area and prefer a home consultation. Virtual counseling, or telehealth, is a convenience that saves time and money.  I know your plate is full. By talking on the phone or using video you don’t have to worry about traveling to and from appointments or paying for parking, transportation or a babysitter for your little ones. We can chat on your lunch break, while your kids are at school, or even while you're taking a walk!

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