Hi there!

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I am a registered dietitian specializing in nutrition for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

I help parents of create a unique nutrition plan for their child with autism to improve ASD symptoms and resolve mealtime frustrations like selective eating.


Like you, so many parents of kids with ASD are overwhelmed. It’s exhausting to sort through all of the information out there - to figure out what is real, what isn’t, and what’s really worth trying. That’s all before even attempting to start your child on a special diet.

I offer simple but impactful steps that cut to the chase and make life feel easier. By following my individualized strategy to optimize diet, create structured eating times, and make meals calmer we will improve your child’s relationship with food – and with you - and allow them to finally reach their potential.

I know that adding one more thing to your plate may not seem possible. The reality is that diet can have a tremendous impact for kids on the spectrum. Eating is the one thing your child does several times a day absolutely every day! Targeting nutrition is an opportunity.

Why work with me?

While food can bring families together, for many it’s a source of stress. Reversing this relationship is at the core of my work. I want food to be something that nourishes every part of your life.

I practice what I preach. Most days you can find me cooking a meal to share with my husband David, snacking on banana bread, earmarking cookbooks, or browsing our local farmers market in Philadelphia. I also love to run, grow veggies, explore new cities by foot, and practice yoga.


  • Registered dietitian

  • Licensed dietitian nutritionist in Pennsylvania

  • Masters of Science in Nutrition and Public Health, Columbia University

  • Dietetic Internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications, McGill University